Radius Tracker

Track every use of every component in every code base in your company.

Radius Tracker generates reports measuring design system adoption, calculated bottom-up from individual component usage stats automatically collected from your organization repositories.

With diverse teams working on multiple projects and accessing various sources of components, it can be challenging to keep track of design system component usage - Radius Tracker is a cutting-edge solution designed to solve this by detecting every utilization of a component, regardless of its origin - throughout your entire organization.

With Radius Tracker, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of component usage, identify trends, and make informed decisions to streamline your UI ecosystem. Don't let valuable insights slip through the cracks – leverage the power of Radius Tracker today.

Radius Tracker operates independently, eliminating the need for network connectivity and ensuring maximum privacy and security. The entire report is just a collection of files, enabling easy customization and self-hosting, empowering companies to have complete control over their data without relying on external services. Being open source, users have the freedom to inspect and modify the code as needed, eliminating concerns about sharing proprietary information.


Radius Tracker is designed to measure the adoption of your design system. It compares use of design system components to custom, one-off "homebrew" components over time, which helps to identify and track missing features or the need for outreach or policies.

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